Our featured artist this time is Bvdub, an electronic music (ambient, IDM, electronica) artist from San Francisco, currently based in China. He is one of the most productive electronic music artists ever. He has released over 40 albums an EPs on labels like Quietus, Shoreless, Sytrax, Darla, n5MD etc.

His biggest musical influences are beat-less ambient, deep techno, and a combination of the IDM of the late nineties, the modern-day direction of experimental, glitch ambient, and electro-acoustic.

Brock has also released music under his given name, Brock Van Wey, as Earth House Hold (deep house), and East Of Oceans (drum&bass).

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Blikmuzik is a label founded by Audrius Vaitiekūnas in 2010, who's also known as an electronic music artist under names of IJO (jungle, IDM, electronica) and 300 Degrees (acid, electro, techno).

It's purpose is to release music by IJO and his various musical outlets as well as music by young talented producers from all over the place.

Their style range is jungle, drum'n'bass, IDM, dubstep, bass, acid, and electronica.

Blikmuzik have been releasing limited edition CD's, with a nice looking design. Now in their nearest plans they have vinyl releases.

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